Very knowledgeable and great customer service! I have been having some pain from running and was thinking it could be my shoes. I went into the store and Kimberly spent as much time as I needed to help me find a new pair of shoes. I learned a lot from her during the process and I am looking forward to some pain-free runs in the future because of her help! Oh, and she let me try on a pair of race shoes, I am wondering why I haven't purchased a pair yet but I will be back to get those once my pain starts to get better! And the new store is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Leslie Alcuri

The staff at Dash Sports are so helpful and knowledgeable! I love shoes, but my feet tell me I buy all the wrong ones. They found me the perfect fit! After a 4 year break, time to get back to secretly training for marathon #12. Good thing they also had Endurance Shield, RunGum, and new sunglasses!! Not only do they have ALL the gear you could possibly need, they even have free weekly runs! Talk about motivation!!

Carrie Roeder

This place was amazing! I have never had anyone help me like the ladies in this store. They watched me walk, asked me questions about my job, felt how the shoes fit for my feet. Fantastic experience! So glad I made the trip out for new shoes! I stand 12 hours a day at work and I think they've been able to finally find me something that wor

Doc Ang Whitaker

Bingo! I just started running again. After several failed attempts to find the perfect running shoe on my own, they put an end to the search. They are very knowledgeable and took the time to evaluate and make sure I had the right fit for my feet, stride and level. Thank you! I had a great 5-mile run today in my new shoes! I will never buy running shoes anywhere else.

Jen Climenhaga

Dash Sports is the epitome of customer service and community support! They always have all of the gear and advice you need, whether you are just starting your fitness journey, or are competing at the most elite levels. They are truly there for their customers, and actually listen to your individual training needs. Check them out - I promise you won't be disappointed!

Tracy Stephens

The staff are incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I trust them to fit me properly for shoes and to recommend other great products that are right for me. They also run local events and are very encouraging - anyone can participate, no matter how novice, and feel really good as they cross the finish line. As an older, non-competitive person trying to stay fit, I truly appreciate the spirit of inclusion that Dash Sports embraces.

Anne Beninghof

Staff are extremely helpful. Sister and I were looking to replace our marathon shoes and the experts certainly helped us out! Staff will fit you into a great shoe and make sure your performance flourishes! There are other sports equipment for sale as well including swim gear. This is a great local shop.

Lauriel Gingrich

I have been buying all of my shoes and gear from this store for a few years now because of the experience and knowledge of the owners and staff that are always available to give advice about new trends in running and triathlons. They also are very active in the community and organize safe and fun events. I come from Orlando and it is well worth the drive.

Stacey Sikora