Podcast featuring the Rebrand and Expand with Kimberly

Podcast featuring the Rebrand and Expand with Kimberly

As noted earlier, I have been studying retail for a long time. I started my love of retail as a small child with our local children's clothing store. I was a serial shopper. I was the reason my mom enacted a 'clothing allowance'. It was thrilling to go see what was new or find something perfect to wear. When I outgrew the children's store, my next stop was The Gap. I still remember my first pair of Gap shorts. We were in Charleston, SC at my first Gap, and I just HAD to have them. (they were blue, red and white gingham plaid) That started my fandom with The Gap. Their clothing was quality and classic with a pop of style. At the age of 16 I became an employee of The Gap and learned the formula for taking care of customers' needs. I didn't care much for the items per transactions or contests that were suppose to motivate us (still don't). I cared about the fit of the jeans, khakis and finding items that my customers loved. After high school, I worked at a specialty maternity clothing store (Pickles and Ice Cream) before I was ever a mom! It was fun helping women find special clothes to help them feel good about their growing bellies. AND the maternity store was right up the street from my first introduction to a great running store (www.trakshak.com). See how God masterfully plans things?


But owning a store is different than working at one. So when Kevin and I became serious about opening a larger store, we started researching and learning as much as we could about what we might be able to bring in to a larger space to give more to our customers. In my research, I found the Channel Mastery podcast which was started by Kristin Carpenter to 'assist business leaders as they transform their companies to optimal multi channel success. Channel Mastery delivers best-in-class tools, strategies, and tactics for multichannel mastery straight from the experts to your earbuds.' It was music to my ears! Through the interviews, I have learned about other stores, brands, channels of retail and much more. So, when when our rebranding and expanding train was about to get up to full steam I contacted Kristin. And though I am sure she had 100 other things on her plate, she was excited to help us. AND I got to be on a podcast! Episode 94 is about Dash Sports!

Sidenote, Kristin is taking on Leadville 100 mountain bike race in August, so she's a badass athlete too!

Remember, we still have 6 weeks of Grand Opening events! Each Wednesday from 4-7 PM