Have you ever put in 1900 sq feet of laminate flooring? Have you ever envisioned going to help someone else doing it for 20+ hours in 2 days? How can I describe the feeling when people show up to help with a project like this with no expectations of pay (or even food!- Haha) They brought their huge power tools, their detail oriented brains, and their energy and made quick work out of the installation.

I thought I would be writing a blog about my parents coming and how they are so amazing to always give my family so much of their time and energy, but in addition to my parents, two very special people showed up to also do back breaking work for us this weekend. And they all worked together so well, though they’d never met. We ate meals together, figured out problems together and had a really good time accomplishing a large task. Their love is written into the store forever.

While my dad is awesome with power tools and figuring out problems, my mom is a master cleaner and organizer with a huge love of the kitchen. We were well fed with yummy veggies from her garden and treats from her oven (peanut butter cookies are great, quick fuel for hungry workers). And try to not to walk through the windows she cleaned at the store!

This store already has so much personality and fantastic energy because of all the people that have helped us this past year and continue to help us. We are blessed beyond measure!



Hard at Work