Dash Sports

Dash Sports


There are a couple times in life that you might have to decide on a name for something. For us it's been for our kids and now our business(es). For any name, I don't want it too many syllables, and I also do not want it rhyme with anything offensive. (who knew our daughter, Nora, was going to abhor Dora the Explorer!) Gear for Multisport has been a mouth-full, hard to remember, cumbersome name that we bought with the business in 2006. Though it has been harder to put on a shelf than I envisioned, we are excited for the name Dash Sports to take us in to the future.

You can see from the pictures what our brainstorming sessions produced. Some funny, some too similar to other names, some too focused on running, etc. Two pages, and still no winners. Then I was on a run in January when 'Dash' hit me. It means movement -at any speed and by any mode. Dash - is also the little symbol that signifies the time between your birth and death. My wonderful physical education professors at Samford and UAB instilled in us that our jobs were to teach people to be active for a lifetime. Though Kevin and I stepped out of the physical education profession, we vowed to carry the same message in the store. The 741 W Montrose St store will have more space for teaching and exploring what it means to be and stay active. And with our race company, FloDash

(http://www.godashsports.com/events/), we will give you more opportunities to get out and move with others, and we will also support other groups and races.

Update: The paint is drying and the lights are being installed for our grand opening! Stay tuned for an exact date!