4 Walls and a Treadmill – Kimberly Grogan


This dream of a store with ‘4 walls and a treadmill’ has been alive in my head for many years, but the timing and the situation had to be right. Many things happened very quickly in April/May that led us to our new space. We have also wanted to change our 5-syllable name for many years and the new name, Dash, came to us last year. It is short, sweet, and has a couple of meanings. (I will blog about it in a future post)

I read a book in Dec of 2017 called Reengineering Retail by Doug Stephens. To say I loved the book is an understatement. My mind was reeling with ideas after reading it. A clear concept that ran through the book is that your next retail idea should be able to put your current one out of business. With our new space, we are committed to creating that experience that will allow you to #liveactively more easily and with more passion.


We will have a space for you to come stretch and use recovery tools with a treadmill if you want to warm up beforehand. The lockers for convenience pick-up will hopefully ease stress in your busy life. The events and group activities will give you a chance to connect with old friends and meet new ones. We have many try-on and try-out products already to go out in the new space, so that you can try them before you buy them to make sure you get what you need.

Getting all the ideas out of our heads (and my 10 full notebooks) and into the space at 741 W Montrose St is a dream come true!